Where Did The Road Go?

Where Did The Road Go? podcast featured "Daughters of Men" as the outro music on the current episode. The episode, a round table discussion, titled What's Wrong With Paranormal Research
? is a great conversation between Greg Bishop, Jeff Ritzmann and host Seriah.

The samples that appear in the track were pulled from other episodes of the show, and Seriah was kind enough to allow us to use them on the record. The samples are snippets from Joshua Cutchin, Scotty Roberts, and Edmund Marriage. All of whom have done interesting work and are worth taking a look at.

The themes in "Daughters of Men" fit nice with the episode, and once again we thank Seriah for his kindness and support. If you have an interest in fringe subjects as they relate to the esoteric and paranormal, Where Did The Road Go? is a shining example of a thoughtful, grounded podcast that digs deep and doesn't tread the common ground.