snaig tharta

lighthunter ep





Snaig Tharta

Nora Candey has strange phenomena happening to her all the time, which she doesn’t really have the language to describe. Scott Candey has long studied Forteana. As life partners together since 2003, Scott and Nora created Snaig Tharta as a natural extension of these conversations, and a way to further explore the intricacies of this haunted life and marriage.

This culmination of their diverse influences has taken well over a decade together to find an expression. Nora's individual recordings can be heard here. Scott's solo recordings, under the name gruntsplatter, can be heard here. The result of this union falls into the liminal spaces between genres. As is only fitting.

- Nora Candey -
lead vocals, lyrics, & music
acoustic, electric, & baritone guitars, celtic harp, 5-string banjo, acoustic and electric violin, bass guitar

- Scott Candey -
programming, bass guitar, modular synth, electronics,  backing vocals
recording and engineering


lighthunter ep

by snaig tharta

full 7 track digital release available on bandcamp, itunes, amazon, google play